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Prison Officers Association

threaten Showdown:ō

March 15th,2016

POA President Ceron Richards told the media that they intend to

take the government to Court to secure their members and to

furnish them with firearms in the light of d listeath threats made to

officers and the hit list that is being circulated.

2015 General Elections an Award Winning Soap Opera:

Aug. 15th, 2015

The battle of words and policies by both the PP and PNM is turning out to be comparable to a classic soap opera. Let's look at the plot: Here we have a once loved female who was unanimously elected by the villagers to govern the village. In accepting the mandate, the woman whom we shall refer to as "Kay," teamed up with rich businessman, Jack, who had befriended her and made her the success she became while funding all her needs. They were so close that it was as though it was marriage made in heaven. In taking steps to govern the village, she selected a number of individuals to form a council giving them the authority to freely handle the wealth of the village in order to perform their duties. This decision led to the misappropriation and waste of the village's wealth. Jack, took issue to this and was expelled and dishonored by Kay and her team despite of his contributions. By that time it had become apparent that all was not well and she had to fire some of her administration especially one called Robbie who was caught doing drugs in a hotel room with prostitutes As she tried hard to set things right,, she became obsessed with an opposing leader known as Dr R and began to go after the "prize" but the gentleman politely refused her advances. This infuriated Kay and feeling like a woman scorned she set out to destroy the good doctor by calling him names, launching media and internet, and television campaigns against him and went so far as to suspend him from his job all as a result of her displeasure with his rejection and arrogance. Finding a tremendous amount of support from her operatives especially as the power hungry Moonilal who is one of those suspected in the mishandling of the village funds. She finds herself facing a disgruntled people and trying to do damage control and seek the support of the people for another term in office. As the day of truth approaches, we shall be waiting for the final episode in this drama..

PP Showing Signs of Desperation:

March 20th, 2015

The ruling Peoples Partnership and the Prime Minister are showing what appears to be signs of desperation as the national elections draw closer. This has become evident after the reports of the number of complaints as to the manner in which they governed the country since coming into office. The

failure of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar to control the actions of her cabinet and the total disregard of the nation's finances are a good example, together with the misappropriation and arrogance of various members of her administration in accounting for monies spent. To add insult to injury, the leader of the opposition has become a scapegoat for the PP's way to cause a distraction to the real issues that the country faces. For example, instead of cleaning up the Life Sport issue, the PM's interest is that the leader of the opposition was a participant in a carnival band enjoying himself (what's wrong with that? How much did it cost the government?), what's about the sudden payouts of millions of dollars by the former

AG Anand Ramlogan for so-called legal fees, to name a few. Now we turn our attention to the PM's latest priority, her dislike of Senator Al -Rawi and her request to the opposition leader to "get rid of him"has struck a nerve since he refused to listen to her,( does she listen to the nation? what a hypocrite!) Dr Rowley's response which included a common picong phrase

has sparked a new fire. In his response he added "And she could jump high, she could jump low, she could drink this, she could drink that, she could bark at meh dog, because ah go ignore she kyat" What is so disrespectful about this statement? Since when the PM has become so humble?It is apparent that the PM has forgotten how many times she paraded while publicly intoxicated in public for the world to see. It is time to drop this charade and get back to the nations business.

Can The Minister of Health Make sense

with his recent decision?

May 30th,2014

Can health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan explain to the people of T&T the logic n his decision to give the private medical clinics contracts to provide needed healthcare services to patients. why are our hospitals not equipped to perform the necessary services. What is quite apparent that this is just another ploy to fleece the country of money which can upgrade our health facilities. Isn't a fact that ninety percent of the doctors that run these facilities are employed by the Ministry of Health to provide these services to its patients This just goes to prove that we have a failed health system and this administration has found another way to fleece the treasury while our Hospitals cannot provide proper treatment to its patients. What's next, pay to keep them in these private hospitals, come Dr. Khan do the right thing, they have already been paid to do their job, why should we contribute to this scheme.

Stop Crying "WOLF"

May 23rd, 2014

It is about time that the former candidate for the leadership of the Peoples National Movement realize that the issue is now in the annuals of history since the members have spoken. It has become apparent that Ms Beckles-Robinson and her supporters are on a power hunt and are only looking after their own interests and not one of concern for a Nation under siege. The time has come for her to accept defeat and put her support behind Dr. Rowley and commit to working with the current executive in its attempt to win the upcoming National elections scheduled for 2015 and how we can take back our country from the present administration before the stress that they have placed on the citizens of the nation leads to one of violence, and the destruction of our once treasured democracy. The Citizens of this Nation are being abused and the Nations Treasury is pleading for someone to come to its rescue from the false claims from a demon government whose intention is to bankrupt the country. The time is "now, so let us put our political differences aside and free our Nation from its destroyers."

T&t Foreign Based Residents Shut Out:

Feb12 2013

Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who live abroad had tbeir hopes and dreams dashed while trying to access the sights ad sounds of Carnival 2013 and shows leading up to that special occasion.This action was brought on by the National Carnival Bands Association's blockage of live streams on the web by the local television stations unless they paid for the feed. CNMG chief executive officer,Mr Ken Ali told TV6 that the NCBA was never on board with the idea and that CNC3 were about to begin streaming when they were stopped by a top official of the Association who told them that they had no legal rights to broadcast the Carnival on the internet,leaving thousands of nationals without coverage. To the NCBA,and its CEO David Lopez we induct you into the National Hall of Shame for neglecting the needs of our foreign residents.

Mon. 21st Jan. 2013

Tobago has spoken:

The people of Tobapo have sent a clear message to the Prime Minister and the Pesition Peoples s Partnership that they are unhappy with their treatment by the Administration..As a result the THA Election which were held earlier today resulting in a landslide victory for the opposition Peoples National. Movement.

Mon. 21st Jan. 2013

SuperBlue is back::

Austin (SuperBlue ) Lyons has thrown his hat into the Caribbean Prestige Foundation's 2013 Calypso Monarch competition.,together with daughter FayAnn and hubby Bunji. Lyons said that it's time to bring on the heat. The last time he took part in the contest was in 2005 when he won with Pump Up and according to reports his single "Fantastic Friday is a definite contender for the crown.

Jan..20th 2013

Coun2illor leads protest:

Cedros Councillor Fitzroy Beache led a protest of residents in support of the beginning of the construction of the Point For tin leg of the Solomon Hochoy highway since the work was halted in the Penal area. The protest was held at the Dunlop Roundabout and was well supported. .Beache told the gathering that urgent that the work be completed so as to make the trip from Point Fortin to San Fernando and areas farther North would be faster and smoother and be of benefit to the entire South Western peninsula...

Jan. 20th, 2013

Point Fortin MP evicted:

Point Fortin MP Paula Gopee Scoon was ordered to vacate the home she occupied in Clifton Hill and is owned by Petrotrin, and have been used primarily by the Parliamentary Representative for the area. Judge Vasheist Kokaram sitting in the San Fernando Supreme Court, ordered Mrs Scoon to vacate the home by March 9th, 2013. Speaking to the media, Scoon claimed that the reason for her eviction was politically, motivated but it would not affect her representation of her constituents.

Maxi fares to go up:

Jan 3rd, 2013

The Route 5 Maxi Taxi Association in a news release that taxi fares from Point Fortin to San Fernando and areas along the route will be increased by one dollar beginning Monday 7th January.

The increase according to secretary Brent Munroe was necessary because of the dilapidated condition of roads in the area together with the increased cost of repairs and maintenance to their vehicles. He apologised fr the increase and noted that the last fare increase was in 2006 and cost of operations have been on the rise.

Construction work continues at Golconda

of the Soloman Hochoy Highway.

Dec 22nd,2012

Point Fortin Mayor Comments on Highway Re-routing:

Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul has voiced his support on the controversial issue of the highway re-routing movement. Paul in a recent news conference, old the media that the present issue of the residents would result in a savings to government and a shorter distance to Point Fortin, and the saving of a large number of oil wells which are scheduled to be capped. He also said in his release that the southern mecca is the biggest contributor to the nation's economy with its supply of oil and natural gas. As to the operations of the Water Taxi he noted that Point Fortin in its proposed development of its share of Tourism in the area should have the service available to boost the transport options to the town and that the government's suggestion that building a jetty to accommodate the taxi will not be as costly as first suggested.

April 20th, 2012

Ian Alleyne Arrested

Ian Alleyne, host of the enormously popular Crime Watch, CCN TV6 crime fighting show, was arrested yesterday after the airing of the program. It was reported by Mr. Alleyne and his attorney during the broadcast that the police were gathered on the compound to take him into custody. Supporters of the TV host also gathered in and around the compound in support of Mr. Alleyne and tried to stop his arrest. He was finally carried out in handcuffs after law enforcement

officials managed to outsmart the crowd, it is alledged that Alleyne's arrest stems from the broadcast of a video of a rape in progress on his program back in October. According to reports out of Port of Spain, Alleyne was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital with chest pains after the incident.

Mighty Sparrow - Parables

Mighty Sparrow - Parables

March 28th, 2012

Political Idiocracy:

Once again Minister of Arts and Multi culture Winston ( Gypsy) Peters has put his foot in his mouth when he solidifies the PP's position when it comes to services to so-called PNM areas as reported in the Express newspaper on March 26th, 2012. According to reports Peters told several of his constituents that he was not looking at their complaints because they did vote for him in the last election. This type of discrimination seems to be the standard that this Administration practices and should not be accepted by our country and its citizens.

March 16th,2012

Protest in LaBrea

Residents of LaBrea took their frustration to the streets yesterday to highlight the unemployment crisis which exists in the area. Residents complained that although discussions were held with the management of Labidco and the various companies operating at the Industrial Estate, they have not been able to get any kind of redress. MP Fitzgerald Jefferey told the media that despite the rumors that many of the residents are considered to be drug users, they were wrongly accused and are in fact very much qualified to fill any position that in vacant. This is just one of many ills that affect the South Western Peninsula and is just another quality of life issue in the area.

Its About Our Time Now:

The Point Fortin Rehab Council is calling on all Citizens local and abroad to come together to form a United Front in order to force the hands of the Government to live up to the promises made to the people of the entire South Western Penninsula of Trinidad and Tobago. This Administration has deliberately missled the area's population with lies which continues to bring hardships to them.The contruction of the Point Fortin Area Hospital have been placed on the back burner time and time again and nothing has been done about the issue. Since March of 2011, this Administration has promised that the relevant funds have been appropiated for the project and construction was to begin as of October 2011, however there was a delay and the restart rescheduled for March 2012.When contacted the Minister of Finance told the Member of Parliament that there was no allocation of funds for the project. This was compounded by the facts are that this project is long overdue because this facility is the only one of its kind serving the residents of the South Western Penninsula.This and other issues were spoken of by Minister of Works Jack Warner during the election campaign of 2010 when he said publically that if you don't support the Peoples Partnership, you would not get anything done. This is not a matter of Political affiliation but one of necessity and a Lifeline to the area, and its various Industrial entities. Also of concern is Government's constant relocation of funds for new projects such as the proposed Childrens Hospital which is new compared to the Point Fortin Hospital and the University faculty in Debe, which have all gotten funding because they are pet projects of the Prime Minister, whereas the Health of the residents of this area is the least concern of this Administration. The time has come for the Prime Minister to come clean or the citizens of the area consider cutting off access to the Penninsula and bring a halt to the operations of the Atlantic LNG Plant and other Industries until such projects have gotten off the ground.

No Confidence Debate gets on the way:

March 3rd,2012

The No Confidnce Motion filed by Dr Keith Rowley against PM Kamla Persad-Bisessar went off as promised in Parliament with a marathon session into the early hours of Saturday morning. After presenting his motion, the Opposition was chastised by several members of the Peoples Partnership Government, who unfortunately used this Debate as a look into the past to express blame on the former Administration for the state of the Country, while the motion was fully supported by the PNM MP's. It was apparent that the Opposition felt strongly about the manner of the development of UNC supported Constituencies and the gross neglect of other

areas especially in the South Western Peninsula, where project carded for Development in this area of the Country are being shelved or relocated to Central Trinidad with no explanation. The Opposition MP's requested explanations on a number of current issues that were sanctioned by the Prime Minister. In a response to support the PM, Labor Minister Errol McLeod seems to have missed the boat by telling Parliament of what his Ministry planned to achieve in the next year. As the Debate continued,the Opposition MP's one by one, presented various forms of evidence to point out inconsistancies in the Government's awarding several Contracts within the last two years.

The Debate Continues!

PP Administration in Trouble

PM Kamla Persad-Besessar and her Parliament are in total disarray.This collation has no clue about what true and effective Governance means. The PM and her Cabinet have been using lucrative promises to the population so that they would look the other way. The Minister of National Security and the Minister of Finance cannot satisfy the Nation on their mishandling of the Commissioner of Police with respect to the leasing of the aircraft without Government's approval.Why do this expatriate have the power to spend up to 1 Million dollars as he feels and he does not owe this Nation an explanation? Yet we have seen no improvement in the reduction of Crime in the country, yet they continue to Minister of Works Jack Warner because he tries to do his job and constantly investigate his appropriations. It is time that the Nation realises that it is time to let this Administration know that it is time to be honest with the people and to come clean before the country is destroyed.

Manning Hospitalised

Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition Patrick Manning is hospitalized at the San Fernando General Hospital and is said to have had a mild stroke.Reports said that he complained of not feeling well and was taken to the Hospital where he remains warded and is said to be responsive and alert and resting comfortably. Doctors at the institution are conducting a series of tests to determine whether or not it was caused by bleeding in the Brain. Mr. Manning's Medical Team includes Dr. Kamla Ramsaran along with Cardiologists and other Specialists. He was visited by PM Kamla Persad-Bisessar who assured that Mr. Manning would receive the best care possible as she has joined the Nation in praying for a full and speedy recovery, other visitors included Dr Kieth Rowley, PRO Faris Al Rawl, Joan Yuille-Williams, Basdeo Panday and daughter Mikela who all expressed their concerns.

Trini Family to serve 418 years in Prison

A Queens Supreme Court Judge sentenced a family of three from Trinidad to a combined total of 418 years in prison for fraud. Judge Kenneth Holder referred to the family as " The Ramsundar Gang" when he slammed the trio who appeared in his Court charged with several offenses of Immigration and Real Estate scams bilking Caribbean ressidents of about 1.8 billion dollars. Judge Holder also called the trio the most dispicable bunch of scum that he has ever seen in Court and said that he was sure that if the trio had commited this crime in Trinidad he was sure that they would have been hacked to death. The trio moved to the US in the 90.

Chinese Firm to buy 10% of Atlantic Shares

According to reports out of Trinidad, the China Investment Corporation has recently signed an agreement to purchase ten percent of shares currently held by GDF Suez of France, the signing took place in Port of Spain last week between CIC and GDF Suez.The transfer of shares is the forth since the plant was established. Atlantic LNG supplies gas to the US and other countries and produces roughly 120.000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas daily.

Mahaica Oval Restoration Project on the Way

After a long awaited period of uncertainty, the restoration of our once famous sports facility has finally begun.We here at the Point Fortin Rehab Council wish to congratulate Mayor Clyde Paul and the corporation on their achievement and to assure them that we look forward to the Coronation Park project which be revealed in the near future.