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Consulate from Hell:

Aug. 7,2015

Do citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who reside in the United States have any support to ensure that their rights and privileges are met? That's the question that i foremost on the minds of our nationals living abroad. For the past three years, there are numerous complaints about the mistreatment and unrealistic wait times to have your passport renewed and or extended . Since the take over by the PP administration,and the replacement of the former Consulate Staff, the service has gone downhill fast and citizens are being old that it takes about six months to one year to have your passport replaced or renewed, the latter not being advised. With the General Election about one month away, it would seem that this is deigned to deny nationals from travelling home to participate in the elections because of possible support for the opposition since the population are questioning financing issues during their tenure. We now call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Winston Dookeran to immediately take charge and relieve the stress caused by over zealous employees at our Consulate based in New York.

Is the PP Serious About Racism:

May 30th, 2014

Is the PP Government serious about cries of Racism by the PNM Opposition under Dr. Keith Rowley? Look at who is crying "WOLF" a corrupt and shameless bunch of individuals that literally holds the citizens of African descent at bay when it comes to getting the much needed facilities while it is plain to see that those of East Indian heritage have been blessed in every way with progressive developments in their areas of residence. It is also shamelessly apparent that this administration has removed almost every person of African descent that held any senior management position in government and replaced them with a person of East Indian origin. Their arrogance and disrespect to the people of African descent and the total disregard of the needs of these communities shows their determination to positively create an East Indian state in Trinidad and Tobago. Where is Dr. Rowley and the Peoples National Movement in all of this? as a matter of fact where is former Prime Minister Patrick Manning in promoting this kind of blatant segregation during his term in government? When did the PNM administration make attempts such as trying to relocate the capital of Trinidad and Tobago to the central area which is known for its large East Indian population together with the head office of the Motor Vehicle Department, the completed studies to relocate the Piarco International Airport to the very said area. Maybe the PM would love to explain to the people of T&T how certain Ministers in her government have suddenly become millionaires within the last four years the current time her administration has been in power, the fact that the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health have made claims that they do not have the funds to build a much needed hospital in Point Fortin but have found the necessary funds for new projects in Penal, Siparia and Rio Claro, Also why the Smelter for LaBrea was cancelled and proposed for Point Lisas. It has been demonstrated that the only thing that gets results is demonstrations but this administration have now turned to deception and lies to prepare for the upcoming general elections, is the African population prepared to sit idly by and allow the actions of these corrupt misfits to cripple and destroy our beautiful country? The time has come for the black man to let this government that we would no longer accept their lies and false promises and that we are willing to put aside our political differences to take back our country from its destructors.

A Sad Looking Ian Alleyne consoled by the PM and Marlene Coudray.after the results.

PNM Captures St Joseph:

Nov 5th, 2013

The highly anticipated St Joseph bye election has come and gone with the Peoples National Movement's Terrence Deyalsingh getting the approval of the voters, defeating the UNC's Ian Alleyne in a fiercely contested battle. The election which was held yesterday, was not without controversy as there were accusations of voter padding by the Peoples Partnership in an attempt to win the seat. According to reports, several individuals were seen giving out money, cellphones and food cards in return for votes for Mr. Alleyne.

The reports also indicated that both the Peoples National Movement and the Independent Liberal Party have called on the Integrity Commission to conduct a full investigation into this since it was claimed by voters that they were approached and offered between $300-$500,a cell phone or a temporary card to vote for Alleyne. The latter in his concession speech told supporters that he will return to fight for the seat in 2015.

Local Government Election Speaks

Nov 2nd, 2013

The results of the just completed local government elections together with the upcoming St. Joseph bye elections on Monday Nov.4th, have demonstrated the desperation of an administration in a state of confusion. The recent actions of the Prime Minister following her alleged drunken outburst with respect to the imaginary victory of the UNC in the Chaguanas electoral district and the questionable inclusion of Mr. Ian Alleyne as the UNC's candidate for the St Joseph bye election to be held on Nov4th. According to various sources, the selection of the former host of the Crime Watch program who is highly favored by the PM because of his TV popularity, was given access to government monies to carry on projects in the area to attract votes from the community. Alleyne who it is alleged is not a member of the UNC, was paid a handsome reward for his participation, was given the full co-operation by the various government ministries who were put on notice by the PM to ensure a successful appearance .Several calls from the PNM, ILP and the MSJ together with other agencies have called on the Integrity Commission to investigate the matter.

see video

PP Stunned by Opposition Victory:

Jan. 23rd, 2013

The PP Government stunned by the landslide victory by the opposition PNM, is trying it's best to do damage control while they console their membership. the UNC leadership led by Minister of

National Security Jack Warner together with Attorney General Anand Ramlogan have once again shown their hatred of the achievement of the PNM by the comments made to the media. The now PNM controlled THA have not even begun its term have already been accused of corruption and mistrust by the AG who seems to forget that it is his Administration that's responsible for the Section 34 scandal which was passed to save the party's financiers from prosecution for fraud in the US. To add insult to injury, the Minister of National Security and party chairman has once again put his foot in is mouth by saying that Tobagonians are people that suffer from blatant tribalism and practice racism at its worst and have made the mistake of electing the PNM whom he branded as political oppressors who will destroy the island. Maybe the old Jack (A) has forgotten that he got rid of Herbert Volney who saved his hide in the Fifa scandal and that the Trinidad and Tobago National team have yet to be paid by him even though they have a court judgment against the TTFA under his leadership,

or the fact that since the PP government came into power the Prime Minister has replaced every negro administrator in 85% of the Boards and other high level positions that they once held calling them corrupt,,and let's not forget the unfair dismissal of URP and CEPEP employees in so-called PNM stronghold areas and the workers of the Trinidad Consulate in New York. Talk about honesty and integrity, give the people of this country a break and stop blowing hot air and tooting your crummy horn. we are not interested in your trash it's beginning to stink.

Jack "A" Warner ignorance at work.


Residents Protest gets urgent attention:

Protesting residents of LaBrea and the vicinity are breathing a sigh of relief since their massive protest achieved 

positive results. Works and Infrastructure Minister Emmanuel,George, who promised immediate action kept his commitment to the villagers. LaBrea MP Fitzgerald Jeffrey showed his gratitude on behalf of his constituents by thanking Minister George and the workers of his Ministry for their

prompt attention in the matter and for a job well done.


LaBrea to get a Port.....PM

Two days after the residents of LaBrea and nearby areas staged a massive protest to highlight their concerns with the neglect of the village infrastructure and the urgent need for proper roads and jobs, the Prime Minister has announced the Administration's planned proposal to acquire some 200 acres of ocean front property to build a port in the village to be completed by 2015. She told the media that it was necessary since the upgrade of the Panama Canal would increase marine traffic into the country. In other developments, Transport Minister Chandresh Sharma also told the media in a post cabinet news conference that repairs to the roads will begin shortly, we would be following the progress of these promises.

Oct. 13 2012

PFRC Meets to Address Hospital Issue

Point Fortin Rehab Council at a number of meetings held in Point Fortin welcomed several new members in the persons of Mr. Earnest Thompson, Mr. Imo Bakari and former councillor Mr. Valentine Ferdinand to improve its effectiveness. Council's Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Carlos McMillan together with council member Ng Fong Kong met with the MP for Point Fortin Mrs Paula Gopee Scoon to address several issues concerning important matters with regards the Point Fortin Hospital with specific concerns for the recent walk out of Nurses which resulted the closure of the Maternity Ward of the Facility and the Government's failure to address this and other issues. In the 2012 Budget, the Finance Minister told the Nation that the Hospital relocation was approved and that the project would begin later this year, meanwhile in a press release Minister of Health Fuad Khan told the populaion that efforts to build the new facility would depend on the Government's ability to secure te nescessary funds in the form of a loan from the Government of China, despite the fact that since 2010 thie Minister had indicated that funding was acquired and that the land was secured for the said construction.

The Council together with members of the Public including Mayor Clyde Paul held a demonstration at the Point Fortin Hospital to seek the Government's attention as to correction this issue since it is a matter of grave concern for the population of residents of the South Western Peninsula regarding their health and physical well being, also the necessary support to the Industrial Industries that depend on this facility in the event of a medical emergency.The Point Fortin Rehab Council is therefore asking all residents of the affected area, local and foreign-based, to support our efforts to have this situation corrected because it affects all of us. Intrested persons can contact us via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or contact Mr Earnest Thompsom at 868 291 8475 or Mr. Imo Bakari 868778 5141 or Mr. Glenn Learmont 868 317 2512, Mr. Ng Fong Kong ( Jap) 868 298 1818.


Secuity Guards Robbed

Two Sentinel Security Guards were robbed of a service revolver and over $200,000 in cash on Monday July 16th at Reid Road Extention at about 6.30 pm. According to rep[orts out of Point Fortin, te two guards identified as Mohanlal Balraj, 54 of Longdenville and Anthony Nicholas 34, of Moruga were stopped on Reid Road extention where Nicholas exited the vehicle to meet a friend, while Balraj remained in the vehicle armed with his .357 service revolver. At this time a light green Mazda323 pulled alongside the security vehicle when 2 masked gunmen exited the Mazda and announced a stick up. Balraj was relieved of his revolver and cheques and cash to the tune of $202,743.02 representing monies collected from area buisnesses while Nicholas was robbed of a Nokia celphone, the robbers then took off in the Mazda which was later discovered abandoned a short distance away. Police investigations are continuing.

Call for Action

The time has come for the Residents of the South Western Peninsula of Trinidad to "wake up" and smell the coffee and let this Government know that enough is enough. In this the Digital age and a time of transparency,together with advanced Education we must not allow old time political practices to ruin our society. The behavior of our elected officials is deplorable to say the least and the apparent vendetta of political party politics is degrading the quality of life for all citizens. The present Administration in its Election campaign, made a number of negative claims against the former Government and have found themselves in the same boat, with internal struggle for power and control of the reigns of a dictatorship. This type of attitude is of little value to the communities that they were elected to represent, and the traditional infusion of race and political affiliation is the cancer of a system that breeds hate and further divide our People. For it is in our National Anthem that we told the world that in this beautiful land "Every Creed and Race find an Equal Place"', where has this equality gone?

What has happened to the Blessing of the beauty of this land? It is apparent that these elected officials do not understand that they were voted into office to represent their individual Constituencies and to make submissions on behalf of their constituents and not their own political agenda. The denial of services to so called PNM areas is not only a threat to the members of that party but to the community as a whole. The lack of employment, and Health Facilities affect the quality of life of every sector of the society whether or not they are opposition supporters or not. Let us therefore tell this Government that the time has come to stop this madness and release the nescessary funding for the Point Fortin Hospital and the operation of the Cedros Health Centre on a 24 hour schedule, also to bring the proposed Industries to the Labidco Estate. Let us come together in unity and bring relief for all of our citizens