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Point Fortin Rehab Council CAO

Carlos McMillan 

July 23rd 2018

Local Executive Elected to Top Post

Chief Administrative Officer of the Point Fortin Rehab Council was

recently elected President of the New Community Extended Care

Facility's Resident Council, a large Nursing Home Complex based in Newark, New Jersey.

January 26, 2015

Brig. General Edmund Dillon a retired decorated soldier has emerged victorious in the nomination as the PNM's candidate for Point Fortin to contest the upcoming National Elections.

Dillon, a former highly decorated member of the Defence Force, is a newcomer to the political realm and is a proven leader and no nonsense team player as is evidenced by his resume and valuable contribution to the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. In an interview shortly after his nomination, Dillon congratulated Gopee-Scoon on her achievements and committed himself to consulting with her to better understanding the challenges and issues that she encountered during her tenure and to build from the foundation which she built. Dillon also told those present " I approach everything with confidence and with the Lord above me", he added that t

he first order of business was to understand and to move Point Fortin from a place of problems to one of solutions and committed himself in addressing the issue if the long outstanding Point Fortin Hospital and the diversification of the energy resources based in the area

More Lies?

Nov, 30, 2013

Once again the Minister of Health Dr Fuad Khan has demonstrated his government's political vendetta towards the residents of the South Western peninsula with regards to the construction of the new Point Fortin Hospital in his statement in Parliament yesterday. The People's Partnership administration led by Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bisessar had made a promise that any constituency who failed to give her support will not get anything done by her government.

Dr. Khan seems to have forgotten that these promises have been made for years and was never accomplished. In mid October, 2010 the then Minister of Health, Theresa Cornelis-Baptiste told the country that the plans and design was approved and the project would begin later that year.and completed by UDECOTT. This project never got off the ground because they did not secure the land despite ETECHS approval.

The deception continued in 2011 when several promises which guaranteed that the construction would begin in October of 2011 since they had the necessary funding in hand. Once again a failed promise. In May of 2012 promises of the start of construction was made by the then Minister Dr Roodlal Moonilal

told a desperate public that works would begin shortly, again nothing but the same old excuses, we head now into the year 2012 when we are now dealing with the administration's new Minister Dr Fuad Khan, who unlike those who came before him accompanied the MP for the area after which he claimed that everything was in place for the start of the construction to begin in October of 2012 in an apparent effort to calm fed up residents and staff of the institution who had now began to protest.He indicated that there were some concerns with the location and the funding for the project and once again the residents were left dissatisfied. Meanwhile while the people of Point Fortin try to make sense of their situation, projects in the Couva, Chaguanas, Penal and Debe are being expedited without any delays, where is the funding coming from? Again the Minister along with Finance Minister Larry Howai has claimed that there is a problem with financing of this project but remain numb when asked about the 13 Billion dollar loan given to government by the Government of China, part of which was supposed to go to the construction of the Hospital. It is apparent that the cards are not dealt evenly and I believe that since the Attorney General who attempts to go after persons he describes as dishonest, should consider taking the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister to Court for Perjury and Official Misconduct since their political disregard seems to claim a political causality in the person of the areas MP Paula

Gopee-Scoon who indicated that government's failure to start the construction of the Hospital may mean the end of her political career. It is time that the people in the South Western Peninsula stand up for their rights and support the Member of Parliament in putting pressure on this administration to achieve its objective.

View of approved Design

sent to UDECOTT in 2010

Return To The Glory Days

Nov. 5th, 2013

Mahaica Oval the Nationally famous Sporting Ground is being modernized, this according to Mayor Hon, Clyde Paul in a recent media release. He highlighted the rich history of some of the nation's sporting greats who are products of the borough and this facility. Built in the 1940's by UBOT, Mahaica Oval became a mecca of sport for not only Point Fortin but to South Trinidad, producing such greats as Watty Douglas, Delbert Charleau, Leroy Deleon, Warren Archibald, and Steve David, Victor :Voot" Ogarro and Ivan Aguilera to name a few.

Paul indicated that work have already began and that the grounds have been re-seeded and the drainage improved. He noted that while the work is in progress ,the Corporation approached several energy companies and other area businesses to assist in financing this long overdue project.